• Longdean School Prospectus

    Should you wish to visit the School, or meet with the Headteacher, Mr Graham Cunningham, please contact Mrs Sam Bonner on: 01442 205702 for an appointment.

    Please click on the links below for access to the School's Prospectus for 2015.

    Please click the link here to go to the school website at www.longdeanschool.co.uk
    • Why Longdean should be your #1 choice

      • Interactive Prospectus 2016

        Click here to read the Longdean School Prospectus online

        • Prospectus .pdf version

          Longdean Prospectus 2016

          Click on the link below for the .pdf version

        • A short film about us

          Produced by Carmen Metcalf and Charlie Whitbread (Y13):