Aims & Vision

Our vision is for every Longdean student to achieve their academic and social best in an engaging, inspiring, and challenging environment.  Our Strap Line ‘Rejoice in thy youth’ illustrates this.  Longdean School will empower all students to become confident, responsible, productive lifelong learners and engaged citizens.  

We want everyone in the Longdean Community to:  

•  Feel safe and secure so they are able to achieve their best
•  Be inspired, challenged and motivated to seek out new challenges and opportunities to learn
•  Express their views whilst respecting the opinions of others
•  Raise money for charity, engage in voluntary work in or out of school
•  Make appropriate decisions so they have control and choice over their future
•  Be cutting edge and creative in our planning, teaching, marking and feedback
•  Work with parents, students and teachers to ensure excellent outcomes for young people
•  Follow a personalised curriculum so they develop the social and academic skills needed in society
Our 2 priorities for the school year 2016/17 are as follows:
•  Develop leadership at all levels in the school
•  Develop students' ability to read, write and speak appropriately in different contexts


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