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Year 10 Design & Technology...


In year 9 students can choose one or two technology subjects to take at GCSE from Food, Textiles, Graphics Products and Resistant Materials. Technology GCSE includes a large coursework component which is based on a design and make project followed by a final exam in June of year 11.

Resistant Materials:

In resistant materials students make several products that use different skills including a plant stand , pizza cutter, tray, wall clock, and bird box. Students begin to extend their hand skills and learn some basic joinery.


In year 10 students learn many different techniques for applying colour to fabric, constructing products and methods of embellishment.


Year 10 Food and Nutrition is mainly practical work with some nutrition and Food Safety. We cover, multi-cultural main courses, desserts, baking and fruit and vegetables

Graphic Products:

In Graphics Products students develop their drawing skills further and move onto producing 3D items, such as 'point of sale' displays and CD covers. Computer aided design and manufacture are introduced using a vinyl cutter and sublimation printer.

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