Year 7
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Year 7 Competency Curriculum - Drama

In year 7 we mark students on their performance skills (confidence, voice, face, body and character) as well as against the PLTS (detailed below) and we also give them a mark for effort!

KS3 Drama

Term 1.1 Learning to Learn – Serious Fun

(Here the students learn skills, techniques and performance terminology to help develop their confidence and Drama knowlegde)

Term 1.2 Journeys and Going Places – The Camping Trip

(Final assessment: Creating a play about a group of a friends on a camping trip)

PLT=Creative Thinkers

Term 2.1 Time Machine - As Time Passes By

(Final assessment: Exciting scenes about a time machine)

PLT=Effective Participators

Term 2.2 Making the News- When will I be Famous

(Final assessment: 'Little Sister' - Like 'Big Brother' but with a Longdean twist)

PLT=Team Workers

Term 3.1 and 3.2 Festival - Animals

(Final assessment: Create and perform a lively poem or rap during 'Who Do We Think We Are Week')

PLTS=Team Workers and Reflective Learners

How Can I Help My Child in Drama?

Year 7 and 8 Drama is all about life skills. We try to promote confidence, communication and team work. Anything you can do to help your child to speak clearly and use the correct language (i.e.: not “text speak” or colloquialisms) at home will really help what we are trying to achieve in Drama. I would also encourage students to use the mirror to try to establish what their face looks like when they are attempting to express emotion. This may help their assessment work as we mark use of body, voice and facial expression in performance.

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