Year 7
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Year 7 Geography


This is an outline of topics covered. Within this, a range of geographical skills is practised, particularly analysing information from a range of sources and presentation of data. Case-studies and Project work (from both primary and secondary data) develop these skills in preparation for Key Stage 4. Embedded within this programme of work is study of places at a variety of scales and geographical themes. IMG_0507.jpg


Autumn Term:

Geographical Skills

Map work

  • Symbols

  • Direction

  • Scale

  • Grid References

  • Height

  • Following a Route

Latitude and Longitude

Spring Term:

Geography of UK and Europe


  • Type

  • Pattern

  • Growth

  • Hierarchy

  • Shopping patterns

  • Land use in towns

  • Changes

Summer Term:


  • Measurement & maps

  • Microclimates (IT)

  • Rainfall

  • Systems

Fieldwork trip to Ivinghoe Beacon, Chesham

  • Footpath erosion

  • Slope measurement

  • Field sketching

  • Shops survey

Compass trail
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