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Year 10 Maths


In year 10 students are set into ability groups across the whole year, based on their Key Stage 3 results in year 9. There are currently eight sets in year 10. While movement between sets is possible at any time, the department tries to ensure that a teacher will keep the same group from year 9 to year 11.

Sets 1-3 follow the Higher Course ( Grades A* to D )

Sets 5 to 9 follow the Foundation Course ( Grades C to G )

Autumn Term:

Higher sets

Foundation sets


Whole Numbers

Equations and Inequalities


Shapes , similarity and congruence

Angles 1

Number skills

Drawing and constructing 2-D shapes

Transformations and Loci

Measures 1 – Reading scales

Graphs and Regions

Collecting Data

Spring Term:

Higher sets

Foundation sets


Displaying data – charts and graphs

Brackets and Quadratic Equations


Estimation and Approximation

Properties of number

Sequences and Formulae

Algebra 1


Statistical measures – small data sets

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Probability 1

Graphs and Equations

Patterns and Sequences

Summer Term:

Higher sets

Foundation sets

Perimeter , Area and Volume

Angle properties of triangles and quadrilaterals


Fractions – Adding and Subtraction

Using and Applying Mathematics

Fractions – Multiplying and Divide

Linear Equations

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