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Year 10 Music


Autumn 1

Musical Elements

Melody; harmony; texture; timbre; pitch; rhythm; structure; dynamics etc.

Autumn 2

Ternary Form and Rondo Form

Explore concepts through range of music; compose both in blues style – group work and performance. Focus on improvisation and melody skills, structure and the way of creating contrast and development. Introduce Ground Bass and Variations.

Spring 1

Expressionism and Serialism

[including focus on pitch and use of sibelius].

Spring 2

Dance Music 1985 – present day

Extending into Britpop and its influences.

Summer 1

Indian Raga and African Music

Exploring details of both of these and working with outside professionals.

Summer 2

Songs from Musicals

Focus on Performance.

As part of the GCSE course, students receive instrumental tuition, paid for by the school. Students are expected to join in one of the extra curricular activities.


The music department are very proud of our academic results, with a 34 students gaining A’s and A*s at GCSE over the last few years. Last year our A*-C GCSE pass was rated 91%, with students performing 0.84 better in music than in other subjects.

20 of our former students are now studying music at higher education.

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