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Year 10 Science


We follow the AQA Science GCSE course in year 10. Within this biology, chemistry and physics topics are studied. Pupils also develop their scientific enquiry skills through practical and discussion work.

Pupils are entered for 6 modular exams during year 10. There are 2 exams in November, 2 exams in March and the final 2 in June of year 10. Each modular exam is worth 12.5% towards their GCSE. Pupils are awarded a GCSE at the end of year 10.

There are two pieces of coursework which count towards the science GCSE. These are completed in school under exam conditions and are worth 25% towards the GCSE.

After their science GCSE exams in June, pupils will start work on their year 11 science course.

Autumn - Spring Term:


    Co-Ordination & Control

    Healthy Eating

    Drug Abuse

    Controlling Infectious Diseases

    Adaptation for Survival



    How People Affect the Planet


    Rocks & Building

    Rocks & Metals

    Crude Oil


    Heat Transfer

    Using Energy

    Electrical Energy

    Generating Electricity

Summer Term:


    Products from Oils

    Plant Oils

    The Changing World


    Electromagnetic Waves


    The Origins of the Universe

Year 10 GCSE Exams

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