What is an Academic Tutorial?

The academic tutorial is a learning conversation. In essence, it is a meeting between the tutor, the tutee and the tutee’s parent(s)/guardian(s) to look at assessment and behaviour data with a view to empowering the student to take responsibility for their own learning and the next steps required for making progress. At its most basic, the conversations that take place should revolve around:

  • The target levels that a tutee has been set in their subjects.
  • The progress that is being made towards reaching that target.
  • The setting of goals to help the subject targets to be at least met, but preferably exceeded.

The meeting will take 20 minutes and is usually arranged at a mutually convenient time within the set evening. All parties bring information to the table. The student should prepare a 5 minute presentation beforehand. The role of the tutor is critical to the success of this meeting. It is to enable tutees to take full control of their own learning.

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