Vertical Tutoring

This started in July 2009 and it means that form groups are now organized into groups of around 20 students with approximately four from each year group in years 7-11. The form meets for the first 20 minutes of each day and each week has: one House Assembly, a House Assembly follow-up discussion, a House Challenge and two mornings discussing current affairs. There are also various activities such as team building, problem solving and creative thinking. Each tutor group has form, sport and charity representatives who feed information into each House Council, which in turn supports the work of the School Council led by our Head Girl and Head Boy. We feel that this system supports students to develop relationships across year groups, provide excellent opportunities for leadership and social development, develop understanding of democracy and how the individual can influence decision making processes. In particular we are really impressed with the way in which it has allowed all students to have a really calm and focused start to the day. Our new year 7 students have settled in very well and their feedback has been extremely positive.

Last modified: Sunday, 19 February 2012, 4:29 PM