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Parental login requests

You are invited to apply for your own access to the new Longdean Learning Platform (LLP), which is a secure on-line resource for parents/guardians, students and staff.

With your own login, you will be able to access various types of information about your child/children which includes: attendance (session and lesson); timetable; achievements; behaviour incidents and detention details; activity reports (when they have been on the LLP and what they have been doing); termly attainment reports and their calendar.

You will also be able to manage your own calendar, participate in online questionnaires and discussions and be connected to other areas specifically designed for parents.

It is important that parents/guardians understand the need to keep login details secure and that they must take the responsibility to inform the school immediately that personal circumstances change. It is important that personal information is only divulged to authorized people.

In order to apply for your login, the attached form needs to be completed in full and returned to the Admin Office at the school. Login details and information sheets will then be sent to you via the e-mail address indicated on your form. Please allow time for processing.

In order for parents to have their own access to the Longdean Learning Platform (LLP), we need to receive a fully completed and signed copy of the login request form found on the next tab.

Parents should read the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which explains the conditions attached to access.

Parents should also note that it is their responsibility to notify the school immediately if there is a change in their circumstances and access to the LLP should be denied.

Questions concerning the LLP should be directed to Mr R Muskett:



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Acceptable Use Policy for the Longdean Learning Platform


This policy applies to all those who access the Longdean Learning Platform system (thenceforth referred to as the LLP). This policy applies whenever and wherever information is accessed, whether the computer equipment used is owned by Longdean or not.

Parents are offered online access to the School’s Information Management System (SIMS) via the Longdean Learning Platform (LLP).
Through this website, parents can access information produced by the school about their child via a secure Internet connection.

Access is granted strictly on condition that the individual formally agrees to the terms of this Policy through the return slip attached to the letter accompanying this policy.


Authorized LLP Users

Only relevant members of staff and persons who are legally responsible for student(s) currently attending the school are provided with online access to the LLP.  Even then they only have access to information relating to the students where they have that legal responsibility.

Requests for access to the LLP must be made to Longdean School using the LLP Parental Access Request form.  The authorizing member of school staff and the parent/guardian/carer concerned must confirm that there is a legitimate entitlement to access information for the student(s). The name(s) of the student(s) must be stated on the accompanying return form.

The school, for audit purposes, will hold the signed return form.  It is important to manage access to the schools LLP effectively.  The school is required to arrange the removal of access of users who are no longer entitled to access to that LLP within 1 week of being informed of that change in status.


Acceptable Use of the Longdean Learning Platform – All Users

  • Access to the LLP is a privilege, not a right. Users are responsible for their behaviour.
  • Conditions of use are respected: any breach of the conditions of use may lead to withdrawal of a user’s access. In some instances, such a breach could lead to criminal prosecution; in the case of staff it may be considered a disciplinary matter.
  • The system should not be used in any way that might bring the name of the school or County Council into disrepute.
  • Staff, parents and students are expected to use the resources for the purposes for which they are intended.
  • All users accept personal responsibility for reporting any misuse of the system to a teacher or to a member of the school technical team.
  • No user should access, create, transmit, display or publish any material, including images and data from the LLP, which is likely to cause offence, inconvenience or needless anxiety.
  • No user should create, transmit, display or publish any material, including images and data from the LLP that might be considered defamatory.
  • Staff, parents and students should not make unauthorised attempts to access data and resources on the LLP by bypassing security or password protections.
  • No user should take any action designed or likely to cause corruption or destruction of other users’ data, or violate the privacy of others.
  • Users should inform the School Technical Support Team immediately if a security problem is identified. They should not demonstrate this problem to other users.
  • Users should inform the School Technical Support Team immediately if they appear to have access to content that is not authorised. They should not demonstrate this problem to other users.


Information Security


This Policy is intended to minimize security risks. These risks might affect the integrity of Longdean School data, the Authorized LLP User and the individuals to which the LLP data pertains.

Information made available through the LLP system is confidential and protected by law under the Data Protection Act 1998. In order to comply with this Act:

  • Users must not distribute or disclose any information obtained from the LLP system to any person(s) with the exception of the student to which the information relates or to other adults with parental responsibility for that student.
  • Users should not attempt to access the LLP in any environment where the security of the information contained in the LLP may be placed at risk such as an Internet café or public place.
  • Users must not transfer information from the LLP to any form of portable media such as pen drives or by electronic means such as e-mail without the express permission of the school.
  • Passwords for LLP accounts should be complex and consist of at least six characters including a combination of capital letters, lower case letters and numbers. Ideally, at least one symbol should be included as well.
  • Users must always keep their individual user name and password confidential. These usernames and passwords should never be disclosed to anyone.  Never use anyone else’s username or password.
  • If you think someone has learned your password then contact the School Technical Support Team in school or change it immediately if possible.



Denial of Access

Users are liable for any potential misuse of the system and/or breach of the Data Protection Act that may occur as a result of failing to adhere to any of the rules/guidelines listed in this document.

Longdean School reserves the right to revoke or deny access to the LLP of any user under the following circumstances:

  • If the validity of parental responsibility is questioned.
  • A Court ruling preventing access to child or family members is issued.
  • Where a user or users are found to be in breach of the LLP Acceptable Use Policy.
  • If any child protection concerns are raised or disputes occur the school will suspend access for all parties concerned pending investigation.
  • If a user is identified as a security risk.

Please Note: Where access to the LLP is not available, Longdean School will still make the information available but only in a manner permitted by The Data Protection Act (1998).




LLP users should forward any enquiries about the LLP to Mr A Lewis (Assistant Headteacher) or Mr R Muskett (Assistant Headteacher).

emails:            a.lewis@longdean.herts.sch.uk              r.muskett@longdean.herts.sch.uk

or telephone:  01442 217277