• Overview
  • KS3 (Yr7-8)
  • KS4 (Y9-11)
  • KS5 (Y12-13)
  • Extra Curricular


Our aim is to help students understand the world of the past.  To explore different societies, beliefs and cultures as well as investigate historical characters who have helped shaped the world we live in.

We wish for students to develop the skills of a historian through analysing sources, using evidence and improving their written and oral literacy by creating view points based on their understanding of the past.  


At Key stage 3 students are taught a variety of modules which cover the period 1000-1945

In year 7 students will take Assessments of the following units:

  • The Battle of Hastings
  • William and control
  • The Church
  • Disease, Despair, Disorder

In year 8 students will be assessed on the following topics:

  • The Tudors
  • The Stuarts
  • Britain in the 1900's
  • World War Two 


Students follow the Edexcel History B programme of study.  The GCSE is divided into four modules each worth 25% of the overall GCSE.  The modules are as follows;

Medicine and Treatment 

This unit explores the progress made in Medicine and Public Health from the Roman period to the modern era.  This unit is exam based and designed to test students knowledge and communication skills over a large period of time.  

Surgery 1845-1918

This unit analyses the impact changes in surgery have had during the period 1845 -1918.  This unit is exam based and designed to test students' source analysis skills.

The American West

This unit examines the impact of white settlement in the American West and especially its impact on the lives of the native Americans.  This unit is exam based and designed to test knowledge in depth.

Crime and Punishment

This unit investigates the nature of Crime and Punishment between 1886 -1926.  This unit is coursework based and designed to test students written communication, research and source analysis skills.


Students taking an A-level in History study the Edexcel course.  The course is designed to build upon the skills students have developed at Key Stage 3 and 4.

The course is designed to stretch students communication and source analysis skills as well as help them to fully develop their own view of the past.  The units studied are as follows;

Germany 1918-1989

This unit looks at the nature of democracy and dictatorship and encourages students to look at themes that cover the whole period, such as political, economic, opposition and aspects of life.  



Students have a vast number of extra-curricular activities to support their studies across all key stages.

At key stage 3 students have the opportunity to visit Belgium and France to support their studies on World War 1 and to gain an understanding of some of the topics studied such as life in the trenches.

At key stage 4 students have the opportunity to visit the London dungeons and the Science museum to support their studies on Crime and Punishment and Medicine through time.  There is also an after school GCSE club to support students with their studies.

At key stage 5 students have the opportunity to visit Rome as part of their studies on Italy.  Students also have the opportunity to use the library at The University of Hertfordshire to support their coursework studies.