• Overview
  • KS3 (Y7-8)
  • KS4 (Y9-11)
  • KS5 (Y12-13)

The ICT and Computer Science Department has 6 fully equipped dedicated specialist rooms, each having a full class set of PCs, with data projectors and whiteboard as well as printing facilities. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) department offers students a range of stimulating learning opportunities through a variety of courses at Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.

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At Key Stage 3 we introduce the students to the exciting world of IT which is for ever changing. As a department our Key Stage 3 programme is designed to introduce the students to new topics, such as Programming, Animation, Networking, E-Safety and the use of industry standard software.

The curriculum has been recently updated to incorporate the need to deliver Computer science; as a result the department are looking to create links with Primary Schools and Local Businesses to aid the transition from Primary School, through Secondary school and into work.


At KS4 students have the option to take GCSE Computer or ICT which is a mixture of coursework, and exams.


The specification encourages the investigation and study of Information and Communication Technology in a variety of contexts. In these contexts the candidates are given opportunities to acquire competence, capability and critical skills through the creation, implementation, use and evaluation of a range of information and communication systems. Candidates from all cultures and both genders can develop their interest in, enjoyment of, and critical reflection about information technology as an integral part of modern society.


In addition to the practical programming, the theory includes: Programming principles and pseudo code, computer structure, hardware, algorithms, software development life cycle, networking, web application concepts, use of external code sources, database concepts, web based apps, the use of computer technology in society.

Computing Benefits

  • Gives learners a real, in-depth understanding of how computer technology works
  • Provides excellent preparation for higher study and employment in Computer Science
  • Develop critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills.

Currently our Year 12/13 students take Applied ICT AS/A-Level. They have a choice of taking double (two subject blocks) or single (one subject block). Modules of the single course include The Information Age, The Digital Economy, The Knowledge worker, Using Database Software, Managing ICT Projects and Using Spreadsheet Software. Modules of the double course include all the modules in the single course plus System Design and Installation, Web Development, Technical Support, Communications and Networks and Using Multimedia Software.